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PND Engineers, Inc., (PND) is a consulting engineering firm that was founded in 1979. The firm has offices located in Anchorage, Juneau, and Palmer, Alaska; Seattle, Washington; Houston, Texas; and Vancouver, BC.

 PND's experience is founded in the remote and Arctic regions of Alaska where we have thrived by providing innovative solutions to our clients. We offer a broad range of civil engineering services, from building structural design to coastal engineering. Our clients are diverse and range from Fortune 500 corporations to small ports and cities served in Alaska, as well as nationally and internationally.

PND has maintained a steady employee and revenue growth since its inception. This growth can be attributed to our clients, who provide us with challenging projects that maintain our interest and provide for the professional growth of our staff.

We are especially proud of our reputation for devising innovative design solutions. Efficiency in design and the resultant savings in construction and operations costs are attractive to organizations that must operate within a stringent financial environment. PND has long enjoyed the challenge of working for such clients.

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