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October 1, 2017, Construction Update

The Unalaska Marine Center (UMC) Dock Position III and IV Upgrades project continues to advance through construction under budget and on schedule. Turnagain Marine Construction (TMC) began work in June 2016. TMC has completed demolition of the existing pile-supported structures and armor rock that were scheduled for removal, and the current construction effort is focused primarily on the installation of the OPEN CELL SHEET PILE™ bulkhead.

By Oct. 1, 2017, TMC had completed demolition and installed approximately 90% of the sheet pile. TMC had also recently begun vibracompaction of the bulkhead fill in preparation for installing the face beam and fenders that will be required for interim operations, scheduled for Feb. 1-April 1, 2018. During this period, the dock will accommodate berthing and transloading for the fisheries industry, a primary source of revenue for the City of Unalaska (COU). PND worked closely with the COU during the planning stage to ensure this revenue stream would not be interrupted by construction activities and phased the construction project accordingly. On Feb. 1, 2018, TMC will demobilize all dock face operations, allowing facility users unimpeded access to the area.

In preparation and permitting for this project, PND obtained an IHA (Incidental Harassment Authorization) and developed a marine mammal observation program, which has proven beneficial. By monitoring changing regulatory policies and maintaining working relationships with agency representatives, PND was able to efficiently work through the National Marine Fisheries Services' regulatory review process and alterations to the marine mammal harassment protocols. IHA and marine mammal monitoring guidelines were then developed by PND and implemented by the contractor. As a result, through more than three months on the job, the contractor has yet to be delayed by proximity of marine mammals, avoiding costly change orders and schedule delays.

Fabrication of structural steel elements, such as the face beam and heavy-duty fenders, is nearing completion. All structural steel was fabricated in the greater Seattle, Washington, area. PND performed quality assurance inspections during fabrication, facilitated by engineering staff based in PND’s Seattle office.

TMC will soon begin installing structural steel elements that make up the face beam and fender assemblies. Work to be completed following interim operations includes installation of utilities, quay crane support structure, and dock surfacing. PND will remain on site to provide quality assurance, project management, and technical support.


 UMC Drone Pics September 2017

 UMC Drone Pics September 2017