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Anchorage Office 


Juneau Office


Seattle Office

Office Coordinator:  
Doug Kenley, P.E. 
Vice President
Phone: 907.561.1011
Fax: 907.563.4220
1506 West 36th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99503


Office Coordinator:  
Dick Somerville, P.E.
Vice President
Phone: 907.586.2093
Fax: 907.586.2099
9360 Glacier Highway, Suite 100
Juneau, Alaska 99801



President: Jim Campbell, P.E.
Office Coordinator:

Jon Keiser, P.E., P.Eng.
Vice President
Phone: 206.624.1387 
Fax: 206.624.1388
1736 Fourth Avenue S
Seattle, Washington 98134





Houston Office


Palmer Office


Portland Office

Office Coordinator: 
Kenton Braun, P.E., P.Eng. 
Vice President
Phone: 832.930.4830
10497 Town and Country Way
Suite 210
Houston, Texas 77024


Office Coordinator:
Charles Kenley, P.E.
Vice President
Phone: 907.707.1081
625 Cobb St., Suite 202
Palmer, Alaska 99645


Office Coordinator: 
Bill Gunderson, P.E., P.Eng. 
Vice President
Phone: 503.912.4615
220 NW 8th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209


PND Engineers Canada Inc.

Office Contact:
Gary Watters, P.E., P.Eng.


Phone: 604.601.5247

Oceanic Plaza
1066 West Hastings St., Suite 2000
Vancouver, BC Canada V6E 3X2