Hylebos Waterway OPEN CELL BulkheadIn 1980, PND began development of the OPEN CELL™ (OCSP™) structure with construction of two temporary bridge abutments on the North Slope of Alaska. The OPEN CELL bulkhead is used primarily on docks and similar structures and provides low costs combined with high performance. The system has been used effectively in locations that are susceptible to severe ice, soft soils, deep water, scour, and seismic events. The OPEN CELL provides high load capacity and requires minimal sheet pile toe embedment. It is easily modified for increased loading or unforeseen conditions, and accommodates long-term settlement.

The OPEN CELL design provides cost savings for development in ordinary conditions and provides savings that are particularly evident in difficult environments (deep water, soft soils, etc.). The minimal cost of the structure is a result of a straightforward design, a simplified construction process, and low maintenance costs.

PND received a NOVA award, presented by the Construction Innovation Forum, Inc., for the OPEN CELL system. PND also holds patents on the system.

The OPEN CELL sheet piles are vertically arranged driven flat sheet pile-composed structures that act as membranes to retain soil, which makes them perfect for civil and structural applications. PND has provided design services utilizing OPEN CELL structures for numerous bridges throughout the Pacific Northwest, Texas, and Alaska.

PND has spent years testing, observing, and refining the OPEN CELL system and holds all related information to be proprietary. The OPEN CELL system is patented, holding U.S. Patent No. 6,715,964 B2; U.S. Patent No. 7,488,140 B2; and US Patent No. 8,950,981 B2.


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