OPEN CELL Levee TechnologySince the 1980s, when PND Engineers, Inc. (PND) first developed its OPEN CELL SHEET PILE™ (OCSP) technology, the company has worked on developing new ways to apply the system to find the best solution to address our clients' needs. PND has developed methods for designing OCSP levees and man-made reefs. PND has designed OCSP structures that have incorporated fish passages in Skagway, Alaska, and in-take structures in Victoria Island, California.

Artificial Levee:
A cost-effective flood-control solution with low-impact technology, the OCSP levee is an innovative technology for rehabilitating aging, structurally deficient levees. The OCSP levee reduces the levee footprint by using vertical, recycled steel sheet piles to create an economical tension structure that remains stable under extreme flood pressures, earthquake forces, and river scour. Contrasted with typical setback levee repairs, the OCSP levee does not require encroachment onto adjacent property or enormous quantities of imported soil fill and rock to improve safety and increase flood capacity.

Tsunami Safe Haven Islands:
After the Banda Aceh, Indonesia, earthquake and tsunami in 2004, PND developed a tsunami safe haven concept using our patented OCSP technology. The tech is an adaptation from traditional steel sheet pile cellular structures. Analysis and project applications have demonstrated that the system is effective at resisting extreme loading and seismic conditions. The system is often more cost effective than other traditional retaining and armoring structures.

Man-Made Reefs:
The OCSP reef restores marine habitat and waterfront access while helping repair aging urban infrastructure. It provides an innovative solution for the waterfront and urbanized shorelines.

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