OCSP Bridge Abutments - Endicott Causeway
OCSP Bridge Abutment - False Pass Causeway

OPEN CELL™ Bridge Abutments


OPEN CELL - Bridge Abutments - Red Dog RoadOPEN CELL SHEET PILE™ (OCSP) bridge abutments offer economic benefits for small- and medium-sized bridges by shortening superstructure length, reducing needed erosion control, and providing smooth hydraulic flow through the bridge opening. Simple repetitious element construction allows fast construction. An important feature is the ability to float footing-like support on even weak soils, thus long-driven support piles are not needed.

OCSP bridge abutments offer a multitude of advantages, including: capacity for high loads, erosion and scour protection, ease of construction and site adaptability, cost-effective design and construction, and strength against extreme snow and ice conditions.

Flat sheet piles are easily installed, usually with a vibratory hammer. Shallow sheet pile penetration allows backhoe removal of obstructions if required. Gravel cell backfill and cast-in-place concrete footings support any superstructure type, including bulb tees, steel I-beams, precast/prestressed box beams, wide flange girders, and others.

 The benefits of OCSP bridge abutments include:

  • Scour mitigation/prevention
  • Long life expectancy
  • Improved hydrology
  • Ability to be driven in shallow or deep foundations depending on site-specific conditions
  • Proven excellence and efficiency in shallow bedrock and minimal overburden conditions
  • Reducing overall span length