SPIN FIN™ piles are a cost-saving alternative for many pile foundation applications. This PND proprietary invention consists of a pipe pile equipped with angled plate fins. When driven, these piles rotate into the ground and achieve pile capacities far in excess of conventional piles. Their strength is derived from the pile tips end bearing.

Spin Fin piles are often used in docks, dolphins, retaining wall tiebacks, wave barriers, seismic anchors, bridge supports, and other pile foundations where anticipated uplift or impact load may cause failure. Because of their load deformation characteristics, these piles allow substantial pile overload deformation without catastrophic failure even after repeated loading.

These piles have been in use since 1983, when PND first developed the patented technology. Since then, thousands of piles have been installed in a variety of applications, including:

  • Limited overburden – pile tension capacities have been tested in excess of 800 kips with a pile embedment as little as 50 feet.
  • Soft soils – pile lengths have been reduced by as much as 50% with the use of Spin Fin tips in softer soils.

  • Seismic capacity – the Spin Fin pile exhibits significant reserve strength with cyclic loading that has advantages in seismic events.

  • Energy absorption – Spin Fin piles can absorb a huge amount of energy through deflection without loss of strength. This is significant in applications such as breasting dolphins.


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