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Arctic Engineering: Our engineers routinely design for the severe environmental loadings required for projects in the Arctic, including high seismic forces, snow loads, and wind speeds. PND’s broad Arctic experience has emphasized the importance of dealing with a host of other critical issues such as cold weather fracture requirements, river ice breakup, and foundations in permafrost environments.

Building/Structural Engineering: PND’s building structural engineers design structural systems in structural steel, reinforced concrete, timber, concrete masonry, and aluminum. A high number of these projects are located in remote and inclement locations.

Bridge Engineering: Our bridge engineering services encompass highway, pedestrian, railroad, and pipeline bridges, from innovative systems for long-span light pedestrian bridges to North Slope haul roads subjected to very heavy loads.

Civil Engineering: PND has extensive experience with civil and upland design in a wide variety of environments. Services include site civil improvements; water and sewer utilities; storm water and drainage design; parking facilities; site improvements; massive earthworks; and dams.

Coastal Engineering: Our coastal engineering group provides numerical modeling, oceanography, civil design, and field measurements. Services focus on shorelines and the effects of waves and currents on civil projects in sensitive marine environments.

Contract Administration & On-site Observation: PND offers expert on-site observation and construction administration services. Our staff utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the newest technology to ensure that clients receive high-quality construction.

Construction Engineering Support: PND provides construction engineering services to contractors for temporary structures, supporting the work of large marine contractors to build signature span bridges and lock and dam structures, as well as providing services to smaller niche contractors.

Geotechnical Engineering: Our geotechnical engineers provide soils investigations, seismic analysis, and geotechnical design for both onshore and offshore projects such as roadways, dams, bulkheads, retaining walls, buildings, bridges, breakwaters, dolphins, float systems, and dredging.

Hydraulics/Hydrology: PND offers hydrologic and hydraulic analysis in both freshwater and marine environments, including hindcasting, wave analysis, open channel hydraulics, computer modeling, ice mechanics, erosion control, river training structures, fish passage, and storm drain retention analysis.

Marine Engineering: Our marine engineers have extensive experience designing waterfront structures such as bulkheads, dolphins, floats, docks, fender systems, and boat launches. Services include planning and design for harbor and marina development projects around the world.

Permitting: PND provides mitigation plan development and implementation, and coordination with local, state, and federal agencies to obtain environmental permits. Our permitting experts have a thorough understanding of constructability issues and the ability to convey this knowledge to agency personnel.

Physical & Numerical Modeling: PND’s modeling services encompass constructing, testing, and analyzing data from physical wave and ice models, as well as the latest numerical models needed to aid in efficient engineering. These include structural, geotechnical, coastal, and hydrologic/hydraulic models.

Surveying - Bathymetric & Topographic: Our experienced surveyors provide base mapping, bathymetric and topographic surveys, and design surveys to aid in the design of a wide variety of projects. Survey services also include boundaries; land and tidelands; photogrammetric control; retracement; and Record of Surveys and Subdivision Plats.

Transportation Engineering: PND provides transportation engineering services for roads, bridges, trails, railroads, and airports. Our services include road and bridge design; roadway widening; pavement design; drainage; parking facilities; bridge inspection and repair; track realignment studies; and design of airport facilities such as runways and taxiways.