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PND’s roots in Alaska puts the firm at the forefront of Arctic engineering. PND vast arctic experience stretches from Russia, through Alaska and into Canada with projects on land and offshore. We routinely design for the severe environmental conditions required for projects in the Arctic, including heavy snow loads, both continuous and discontinuous permafrost conditions, moving ice loads and working in temperatures below -40º C.

Our broad Arctic experience has emphasized the importance of dealing with a host of critical issues, such as cold-temperature material fracture toughness, the effects of spring breakup on rivers for both flooding and bridge design, remote access utilizing ice roads, construction logistics associated with the Arctic, offshore ice analysis, and foundation design in permafrost. The Arctic is a very unforgiving place where experience and knowledge are critical in successful developments.

Specific areas of expertise in Arctic engineering include:

  • Structural building and bridge design
  • Site civil design and Arctic roadways
  • Arctic hydrology
  • Arctic airstrips
  • Permafrost remediation
  • Foundation design
  • Marine facilities
  • Met-ocean
  • Ice/structure interaction
  • Material fracture toughness at cold temperatures
  • Ice roads and pads
  • Construction and site access logistics


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