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Specialty Cold Regions Design

PND continues to provide site-specific design to its clients in order to solve complicated issues in remote locations and harsh weather conditions. These designs include module design for the world's largest rubber tire vehicle, offshore drilling islands, and many others. PND is a recognized name in specialty designs, and its accomplishments have been noted by industry peers, as well as clients and owners.

One of PND's unique solutions was the replacement of towers and walkways utilized by NOAA to observe local seal rookeries without disturbing the animals or the land on St. Paul Island, Alaska, the largest of the Pribilof Islands. PND, along with its project team, was able to successfully complete this unusual project through whiteout winter conditions and virtually no vehicle access to the site. The Association of General Contractors of America awarded the project team in 2011 with the Aon Build America Award for Best Renovation of a Federal and Heavy Construction Project. 

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