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Kuparuk Central Channel Bridge with ModuleWe have designed heavy-load bridges throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Our Arctic bridges are largely used to support extremely heavy module loads, and many are designed and constructed in less than one year. These bridges are designed to support loads upward of 2,500 tons and as well as withstand ice impact, and high flood conditions.

Bridge design is a core competency at PND, with a number of award-winning structures designed by our staff, including awards from the American Institute of Steel Construction, the Steel Bridge Alliance, James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, Deep Foundations Institute, and others. We have designed heavy-load bridges using a variety of materials, including timber, concrete, steel, fiber-reinforced plastic, and steel strand, all used in combination or individually as dictated by the best design practices for each site. Our bridge expertise encompasses site and type selection; hydrology and hydraulics; geotechnical; seismic; structural design; cost estimation, construction inspection; and existing bridge evaluations. Our experience includes soils investigations for foundation designs and the design of piles for bridge foundations and piers.


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