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Coastal Engineering

Coastal engineering is focused on the shoreline, where water meets the land. The effect of tides, waves, and currents in sensitive marine environments can involve relatively large uncertainties and very demanding project and permit requirements. It is sometimes said that the only thing more regulated than in-water construction is a nuclear power plant.

PND is highly experienced at finding practical solutions to the often vexing design challenges and constraints in the coastal zone. PND has designed shore protection, wetland restorations, large rubble mound breakwaters, soft shoreline protection, outfalls, vertical wave barriers, floating breakwaters, wave deflectors, and beach nourishment, all of which apply the specialized knowledge of coastal engineers.

PND’s coastal engineering group comprises expert numerical modelers, oceanographers, civil design engineers, permit specialists, and field measurement engineers. PND's in-house expertise ensures a well-integrated project team through all phases of a coastal project. PND's experience includes waterfront projects on all five unique coastlines of North America (Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean, Arctic, and Great Lakes) in addition to global experience spanning Russia, the Middle East, and Central America.

PND has direct experience applying a number of numerical models, including BOUSS-2D, CGWAVE, SWAN, STWAVE, MIKE 21, OpenFOAM, and SedTrans. PND also has relationships with several universities that allow application of cutting-edge non-commercially available software when needed. PND's coastal engineers have deployed a number of wave and current meter instruments in the ocean and performed data analysis, including acoustic Doppler current profilers, wave and tide gauges, and sediment concentration sensors. PND has also coordinated and directed wave and ice tank tests of our designs in large physical model testing basins.

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