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Hydraulics & Hydrology

PND provides hydraulic and hydrology engineering services specializing in arctic hydrology and morphology, civil drainage design, bridge and culvert hydraulics, storm water pollution prevention, and river and coastal erosion protection.

Field studies completed by PND utilize the company’s extensive bathymetric and land survey experience with GPS and conventional survey equipment, combined with hydrology data acquisition using PND’s acoustic Doppler current profiling, conventional flow meter techniques for discharge measurements, and flood-stage measurements where existing hydrologic data are sparse (e.g., Alaska).

PND uses the latest analytical methods and physical and numerical models to meet project requirements, including 1D and 2D river models (HEC-RAS, SMS/FESWMS, HY-8, and Federal Highway Administration and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers methods), geotechnical/groundwater models (PLAXIS, GeoSlope SEEP/W), and models for ice-structure interaction modeling for arctic coastal and river erosion protection.