Marine Engineering

PND has built its foundation on marine engineering, and this background and knowledge enables us to continue setting industry standards.

PND services both public and private port and harbor facilities. Our work encompasses large- and small-scale sectors that include the cruise industry and shipping terminals in coastal and inland waterways. Our work also includes all aspects of marinas from wet moorage to upland dry storage, including all aspects of launching facilities.

PND's marine projects are often subject to severe loading unique to the Northwest and many coastal locations. High seismic loads, high tidal or water level fluctuations, high-velocity winds at exposed locations, and low-temperature environments are design criteria that PND deals with on a routine basis. PND understands how to design effective foundation systems for conditions ranging from shallow bedrock to deep soft soils. 

Many of PND's projects are in remote locations where the construction of facilities requires unique design and construction approaches. Where weather conditions may shorten the construction schedule or prohibit time-consuming on-site labor during construction, PND has developed plans that maximize shop fabrication and reduce on-site labor. At remote sites, alternate construction methods are employed, such as premixing and bagging concrete aggregates for field mixing in concrete trucks. Such methods are typically uncommon to large population centers. PND has developed unique and cost-effective solutions to the varying foundation conditions found across remote project sites.