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Breakwaters & Wave Barriers


A breakwater is a structure protecting a harbor, anchorage, or shoreline from waves. There are essentially three types: rubble-mound, vertical wall, and floating. PND’s coastal engineers are experienced in designing all types of breakwaters and jetties through all phases of projects from concept design through construction.

Breakwater design is a challenging field in which designers must rely upon sound judgment and experience to efficiently solve problems associated with uncertainties in various environmental conditions. Relative to other engineering professions, design standards and codes often do not address the wide array of potential design conditions. Design demands the expertise and experience of those who specialize in coastal engineering. PND is well qualified to analyze wind, wave, tide, and currents to determine wall heights, depths, and allowable wave transmission for any number of site conditions, including hindcast studies and wave reflection/refraction analysis. PND also has experience in specialized areas that can significantly affect project performance including boat wakes, scour, prop wash, and corrosion protection.

PND has specialists in oceanography, coastal engineering, and marine construction. Our specialists have direct project experience that includes all five shorelines of North America (Arctic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, and Great Lakes) in addition to projects overseas.

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