Juneau Cruise Ship Berths


Juneau, Alaska

With the introduction of larger cruise ships into the worldwide market, individual ports have responded by expanding their facilities to welcome the larger vessels. Southeast Alaska is no different. This rugged region is on a popular itinerary for the cruise industry, and Alaska’s capital city, Juneau, is the central port-of-call on the Alaska cruise itinerary.

The Juneau Cruise Ship Berths project is the largest in Alaska state history, overshadowing the other cruise ship berths just south of these new facilities. The new berths are capable of servicing the largest-class vessels that are slated to visit Southeast Alaska, including the Breakaway Class, which has an overall length of 1,063 feet and a gross tonnage of 144,000 tons.

Juneau Cruise Ship Berths

Updated on 03/16/2018 2:52 PM