Petersburg Harbor Drive Down Facility
Kodiak Pier II
Foss Maritime OCSP Bulkhead
Kloosterboer Dutch Harbor Bulkhead
Kodiak Shipyard Travelift Pier
False Pass OCSP Bulkhead
King Cove Deep Water Dock
Nome Middle Dock
UMC Dock
Cates Landing MP Dock
Kodiak Pier 3
Madison Harbor Multi-Purpose Dock
Nome Middle Harbor Dock
GIWW Work Dock
Seward Railroad Dock
Dutch Harbor Bulkhead
Savonetta Pier II

Working & Industrial Ports

PND provides design of standardized solutions for the efficient movement of containerized freight, including: Crane Lift-on/Lift-off, Ramp Roll-on/Roll-off, Forklift Pass-Pass, and Conventional Crane. PND has accommodated these systems even in the 40-foot tidal range of Cook Inlet, Alaska. PND’s robust OPEN CELL SHEET PILE™ bulkheads and heavy duty platform docks (100-ton axle load), utilizing innovative foundation systems such as SPIN FIN™ piles, have provided strong platforms for heavy-lifting equipment in difficult seismic, ice, and current conditions in poor soils. PND has designed over 200 docks and piers in the last 10 years in both urban and rural environments.

UMC Dock_desc

UMC Dock Expansion
Dutch Harbor, Alaska

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