Wave Tank Testing
Pier 3 Wave Basin Model Physical Test OPEN CELL Model_FULL

Physical & Numerical Modeling

MIKE 21 ModelModel studies are an important design aid that helps verify the design integrity prior to construction. Model studies can also be useful for explaining a project to stakeholders and the public. PND has extensive experience with both numerical models (computers) and physical models (wave and ice tank tests and structural tests). As modeling and testing technology continues to advance, PND is proud of its leading position in this important area of engineering.

PND was responsible for the design and extensive testing of an offshore oil production island in the Arctic. Physical model testing of the Arctic island was done in tanks at Oregon State University, Texas A&M University, Aker Arctic Technology (Finland), and Oceanic Consulting Corporation (Newfoundland). PND's responsibility included design, testing, and analysis of the physical wave and ice models. In addition to these models, PND has applied structural models on many other projects, including load testing of steel structures and load testing at full scale of structural components.

PND has the latest numerical models needed for efficient engineering, including structural models (RISA and STRUDL), geotechnical (PLAXIS), coastal models (CGWAVE, STWAVE, SWAN, MIKE 21, and others), and hydrology/hydraulic models (HEC-RAS). PND also maintains relationships with a number of universities that allow application of cutting-edge non-commercially available software for coastal flows, ice, and structural modeling when needed.