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Transportation Engineering

Transportation infrastructure is a key component in safely and efficiently moving people and goods across land, sea, and air. PND understands the need to balance efficient transport with environmental issues and other critical factors such as future growth and maintenance. PND accomplishes a wide variety of projects using design-bid-build and design-build services. These projects range from small projects to complex, multidisciplinary designs. PND strives to structure its projects to meet client needs, using its ability to navigate complex issues to meet project goals.

PND has performed numerous transportation projects for clients ranging from developers to city, state, and federal agencies such as the Federal Highway Administration, Department of Transportation & Public Facilities, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. PND has completed a wide range of services as part of those projects. Over 1,000 miles of roads have been completed, with projects as diverse as rural mining roads and forest service roads to urban collectors and highway systems. As part of these services, PND has the in-house capability to perform detailed permitting, public participation, and assessment of right-of-way. Our services also include accommodating steep slopes, fish passage, glacial outburst flooding, riverine flooding environments, and a host of other critical issues. As a result, PND has been awarded many local, state, federal, and national awards.

PND has broad transportation experience with trails and direct involvement in extensive trail systems that have received National Audubon Society awards for environmentally sensitive design. PND has also completed studies and design for rail projects in many locations, including grade separations, coal transfer facilities, rail transport, tunnels, and grade separation projects.

PND staff members have performed many designs and studies for small to major airports in the United States, Canada, and other overseas locations. Projects have included rehabilitation and new airport facility designs capable of handling both small and large jet passenger service. PND has also provided services for airport facilities handling heavy cargo transport such as the Antonov-124-100.

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