Akutan Airstrip
Pen Air Hanger
Akutan Airport - Akun Island Alaska


PND has extensive experience with the design of airport facilities, including projects in the northern reaches of Alaska, Canada, and Russia; that experience includes concept studies and design services for both new facilities and rehabilitation to expand airport operations. PND is well versed in the analysis and upgrade of facilities to accommodate aircraft ranging from large late-model jet aircraft to small single-engine bush planes, as well as incorporating the latest navigation aids to provide reliable service in arctic weather conditions. PND projects have included design of runways and taxiways, access roads, helipads, fuel facilities, and ancillary support buildings. Services also include civil design for runway lighting and signage, instrument landing systems, taxiway and apron expansion, and navigation aids.

Airport Planning
PND provides master planning and airport layout plans for airport development projects. Planning services have included development of concept design for preliminary airport layouts capable of supporting air carrier operations using a variety of aircraft, ranging from Antonov-124-100 to Boeing 747-400 to de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beavers. PND has also evaluated existing airport facilities and provided an assessment of facility requirements. Runways, taxiways, safety areas, signage, communications, access roads, terminals, hangars, and other facilities were included in assessments, as well as estimated costs. PND has evaluated alternatives for extension of runways and taxiways and has developed preliminary plans for paved runways, taxiways, and acute-angled taxiways for quick departure, emergency access roads, tug roads, and aprons. PND is familiar with the design and installation of standard navigation aids and works with airport operators and air carriers to identify what navigational aids are necessary at a site to provide safe, reliable flight operations, given the desired level of accessibility in changing weather conditions. These navigation aids vary from simple edge lighting systems supporting day and night operations in good weather conditions to precision Instrument landing systems capable of supporting operations in poor weather conditions. PND is also familiar with the navigation aids necessary to support all types of GPS instrument approaches.

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