Wood St - Crosswalk
Glen Bragaw Interchange
Deweyville Road Bridge
Ballyhoo Road Paving, Unalaska
FH43 Deweyville
Gravina Access Road
Debarr Road - Airport Heights to Muldoon
King Cove Access Road
Goldenview Bridge, Anchorage
Gravina Island Access Road and Bridge
PHGS - Sunshine Crossing
Wood Street - Drainage


PND has completed over 1,000 miles of road projects with services as diverse as rural mining roads and forest service roads to urban collectors and highway systems. PND’s expertise in the challenging conditions of cold-region road design has won us numerous local, regional, and national awards. As part of our transportation design services, we have the in-house capability to perform detailed permitting, public participation, and assessment of right-of-way.

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